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Direct digital DR x-ray System from NTB
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workflow Master Pix DR

Efficient workflow by MASTER PIX DR

As a direct digital x-ray system MASTER PIX DR makes the work routines in your x-ray practice considerably more efficient. "Direct" means to take exposures without cassettes handling or film development. The image is displayed seconds after the exposure. X-ray workstation and archive computer are integrated in your surgery`s network, so that you can exchange your data in the DICOM standard.


1. Initiate a x-ray study
The doctor creates a x-ray study for a patient on his workstation. This study is send as a worklist item via DICOM to the Master Pix DR workstation

2. Retrieving a worklist
Master Pix DR received the worklist. By a mouse click on a worklist item the patient data is imported for the x-ray study. It is also possible to enter the patient data manually (not by DICOM worklist).

3. Perform the exposure
The technician selects the requested organ with the preset exposure data. After the technician has positioned the patient, he can release the exposure by the trigger switch.

4. Preparing the x-ray image
The image is available within a matter of seconds after exposure for review and further image processing (contrast / brigthness, image enhace-ment filters, etc.) By a mouse click the image is exported via DICOM to the PACS .

5. Image diagnosis
Now the doctor can access the x-ray studies from the PACS at his workstation or a diagnosis workstation and can perform the diagnosis.

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+ X-ray order by network
+ Work without film or cassettes
+ Very fast exposure
+ X-ray image within seconds
+ Direct access to the image    through the network
+ Image storage on Archive


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