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Direct digital DR x-ray System from NTB
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Your practice - direct-digital x-ray technology, fast, efficient, with a low radiation dose

Efficient work routines, the highest diagnosis quality and high-quality patient's services are the criteria to which a modern medical practice has to position itself. At the same time the question of the economic efficiency must be answered persuasive.

There are a few different technical solutions in the market like
CR-memory foil systems, flat-panel-systems or CCD detectors. However, none of the called technologies offers as many advantages as our direct-digital radiography device. MASTER PIX DR is one of the most modern and most rational x-ray systems in the market, with the lowest radiation dose - and at the at the same time its one of the most economic. MASTER PIX DR offers you the following advantages:

• economical
+ very good cost/performance ratio for the whole life span
+ low operating expenses, no film, no chemicals
+ an easy and favorable data protection
+ low space required

• high grade
+ the highest image quality thanks to the latest technology
+ no false exposures

• poor in radiation
+ protection for your patients and your staff

• effective
+ ease of operation
+ very fast exposure thanks to digital workflow
+ low waiting period, quick finding
+ higher patient rate
+ advanced practice integration

• compact
+ space-saving system
+ all-in-one solution
+ compact, good design

• friendly to patient
+ quick diagnosis
+ lower waiting period
+ low x-ray dose

• environment-friendly
+ no film, no chemicals
+ no waste disposal

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