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Direct digital DR x-ray System from NTB
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Your patients will benefit by MASTER PIX DR in a number of points:

• Low radiation dose

By the use of the scanning-method your patients are exposed to a much lower radiation dose compared to conventional X-ray systems.

• Quick diagnosis - lower waiting period

Already seconds after the exposure the X-ray image appears on your diagnosis screen. The waiting periods of your patients decrease. Perhaps, necessary second opinions can be caught up fast and comfortably via Internet.

• Better image quality - higher diagnosis security

Master Pix DR supplies considerably more sharp and more detailed X-ray images than conventional devices. The images are scaleable and can be edited in seconds (brightness, contrast...), failed exposures are absolute exceptional.

• Environmental compatibility

Ecological terms are essential for more and more people. Also in this area Master Pix DR can persuade. No films and developing chemicals are required. So there is no need for disposal.



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