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Direct digital DR x-ray System from NTB
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Economic efficiency - direct-digital x-ray examination reduces your costs

Our digital X-ray system MASTER PIX DR offers you a considerable cost saving potential. You lower your direct operating expenses and you are working considerably more efficient:

Cost reduction:

  • In comparison to the film technology the costs are omitted for films, developing chemistry and their disposal, film cassettes and amplifier foils, developing machine and darkroom, film bags.
  • Lower space costs by less place need
  • An easy and reasonable archiving of the patent data


More efficiency:

  • All working steps of the film development are cancelled (film cassette load and take out, film development, filmmarking, filling the film bag and archiving).
  • Quick diagnosis, the digital x-ray image is within less seconds ready for the diagnosis.
  • Easy and sure data management, you have access to the patient's data anytime.
  • You have all patient's data at a glance
  • Lower waiting period for doctor and patient
  • Higher patient rate
  • Easy mailing of the data via Internet

So the higher aquisition costs for a digital x-ray system is amortised already after few years. Then you make money!

For the capital costs we offer to you different financing models. Your distributor will support you to find the best possible solution.


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• economical
+ very good cost/performance
   ratio for the whole life span
+ low operating expenses,
   no film, no chemicals
+ easy and favorable
   data protection
+ low space required

• effective
+ easy operation
+ very fast exposure
+ low waiting period, quick finding
+ higher patient rate
+ advanced practice integration


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