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Direct digital DR x-ray System from NTB
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Resolution Master Pix DR
(comp. 800th speed)

Auflösung Master Pix DR

Resolution i. e. CR-System
(400th speed)

Auflösung herkömmliches system

Image quality

In radiology, the image quality is the decisive criterion for the correct diagnosis. Here MASTER PIX DR sets new standards by specific technical details.

The image sensor ist the most important component.The pixels have a size of 48 µm so that they are smaller than pixels of most other sensors. This gives a better resolution, especially for small details. Each pixel is resolved with 12-bit that means 4096 gray levels.

Another special feature is the TDI technology with which the image sensor is constructed. This improves the sensitivity and representation of low contrasts while reducing the image noise.

The applied scanning process produces a very narrow X-ray beam. While scanning a patient this presents much less scattered radiation, from whitch only the smallest part hits the - also very narrow - image detector. This leads to the following benefits:
  • A scatter radiation grid is redundant
  • The radiation dose can be reduced accordingly
  • Scattered radiation, which worses the image quality is minimized.

For each X-ray image filters are preset to calculate the image after the exposure for to provide the best picture.

MASTER PIX DR has a very high and linear dynamic range. Also poorly exposed images are providing a good image result. Retakes due to incorrect exposure can be reduced by the image system to a minimum.

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+ very high resolution,
  12 Bit with 4096 grey levels

+ very high image sensitivity

+ very low image noise

+ very low scattered radiation

+no scatter radiation grid

+ highest image quality with
   lowest radiation dose

+ automatic adjustment
   of brightness

+ automatic adjustment
   of the image filter

+ hardly no retakes

+ Image processing with
   various tools



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