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Direct digital DR x-ray System from NTB
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The sum of all measures to reach the highest possible image quality with the lowest radiation dose we call dose management . The following measures are applied to the direct-digital x-ray device MASTER PIX DR:

  • By the use of the scanning method scattered radiation, which worses the image quality, is reduced to a minimum. A scattered radiation grid is redundant. Thus the x-ray dose can be reduced around 40 - 60%.
  • The automatic exposure control with three measuring fields controls the exposure to archieve a low dose.
  • There is no gap between the pixels (100% fillfactor), so the whole radiation dose is used for the image.
  • The TDI sensor mode offers a unique imaging solution. This operation mode boosts the sensitivity to high levels which results in a dose reduction for the patient. In spite of the low dose the smallest contrast differences are clearly shown in the image.
  • The dose area product is grasped with every exposure and is indicated to the operator. Thus the control of the applied dose is possible at a glance.

The result of all these measures is an exposure dose comparably of a 800 speed film, while 400 speed film is usual. This gives a significant dose reduction for the patient.


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