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Direct digital DR x-ray System from NTB
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  direct digital DR x-ray system from NTB, examples

Digital x-ray - the direct digital radiography system MASTER PIX DR from NTB XRAY. The complete solution for digital x-ray applications in medicine.

NTB XRAY develops and produces direct digital (DR) x-ray systems for digital radiography applications in doctor`s surgeries and hospitals. Master PIX DR is a complete solution for almost all radiography applications appearing in medical practice.

Due to the innovative sensor technology from NTB, MASTER PIX DR supplies highest quality x-ray images with a lower dose rate simultaneously. And you can get it for a particulary favorable price - compare to other DR-systems on the market!

Furthermore our DR device reduces your current labor costs extensively. It eliminates the need for cost-intensive film processing:

• no film
• no chemicals

• no waste disposal
• no extensive archive

High-quality components reduce your costs for maintenance and repair. Especially in comparison to flat-panel systems, the cost-savings with our DR-system are considerable. You will get 5 years guarantee on the image sensor!

Have a look at the future! Take the advantage that the direct digital x-ray system has - for your medical practice and your patients.

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